It affects the economy as a whole but very closely the luxury and fine watchmaking industry, counterfeiting is everywhere and impossible seems to eliminate it forever, a plague for the luxury industry! The eldorado for the counterfeiting of luxury watches, it is of course Asia (85% of counterfeit products in all sectors) and more particularly China which exports its fake products to Dubai, true ”  hub  ” according to the actors luxury.

The copy ” made in China  “, framed by triads and local mafia poisons the most sought after prestige brands that are Rolex , Cartier , Breitling , Hublot , Omega , Audemars Piguet  For counterfeiters, it is a business juicy who contributes to finance organized crime, support this activity by buying fake luxury watches for sale is thus to support their criminal activities  : trafficking in drugs, weapons, prostitution,  to support clandestine work and children exploited by these networks  to make “normal” the plunder of the know-how of others , but that the buyers do not think about it.

Buy fake luxury watches online

In recent years, watchmakers no longer have to fight against specialized counterfeit shops or street vendors, it is now also on the web that the “game” of the cat and the mouse between brands and counterfeiters! To find out, just search “Rolex” on Google, we discover among the top 10 search results several websites of sellers of fake Rolex watches  !

In a few years ecommerce sites selling replica watches have managed to develop significantly, most of them displaying the color “Sale of luxury watch replicas” with prices ranging from a few dozen euros to a few hundreds of euros for luxury watches ”  well imitated  “, but make no mistake because buying a counterfeit luxury watches is often not to have any certainty and guarantee on the quality of the watch and receive a watch that does not not walk or will not work in 2 months Moreover, the photos on the websites of these sellers are usually the photos of the original models, far from the watches often buyers receive .. And above all, do not forget, buy a fake luxury watch, it is an illegal, disloyal act that can cost you dearly!

What are the risks involved?

Customs penalties for counterfeiting are important , the Customs Code providing for the confiscation of fraudulent goods, a fine of between one and two times the value of the object of fraud (up to five times the facts are committed in organized gangs) and finally a maximum prison sentence of 3 years (up to 10 years when the facts are committed in organized gangs).

Counterfeit watch sellers also abound on well-known sales sites from one to another, so be careful and do not be fooled, just ask a specialized and recognized player to buy your luxury watch  ! Be aware that some fake watches can also be dangerous to health because of the bad treatment of metals or leather bracelets  And you, potential buyer of fake luxury watch, are not you afraid to pay by credit card on an illegal site and thus provide your banking information?

Campaigns to fight against replicas of luxury watches

Faced with the counterfeit market where consumers are sometimes victims, but sometimes guilty, the fight is organized with campaigns led by the Federation of Haute Horlogerie and the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, visuals and shock messages. To stop and to reflect the public “Fake Watches for Fake People”, “be authentic, true Buys.”

But the Federation of the Swiss watchmaking industry does not stop there and is incentive to engage consumers, the internet cell having put online for a few years the website , a fake ecommerce website sales second-hand Swiss luxury watches that after 30 seconds on the site redirects you to a warning message on the risks and sanctions taken against buyers of fake watches, we let you take the test!

Other anti-counterfeiting initiatives have also emerged in recent years, such as that of Fabrice Gueroux, an expert in counterfeiting, who, supported by watchmaking professionals, created in 2007 the association TrueTime, a French association to ”  fight against counterfeit watchmaking and preserve the watchmaking heritage  “, the purpose, attract public attention and raise awareness about the plague of replica of luxury watches using inspired campaigns, such as in 2014 marketing techniques of the Haute Horlogerie.