That the email spammers and other 100-euro Cheap SEO Services providers have not earned an order shows her frivolous and aimless business practices. Nevertheless, something is hanging from their statement: Once 100 euros, or pay from me 10 euros per month and then enjoy the full SEO success with number 1 rankings, exploding traffic and massive new customers? That sounds good.

Who asks as a customer with this request in mind at a reputable agency, hits the beat: Suddenly, namely quite different prices are in the room, 1,000 euros up and that even monthly.

Apart from the question of whether the email spammers are really the culprits, here is a misjudgment clear. Search engine optimization would have to be particularly favorable. Not only those who do not have the budget anyway, see that.

Companies that still advertise in printed booklets or advertising leaflets and have four- or five-figure annual budgets for all sorts of forms of analogue advertising win over a 500 Euro monthly fee from an affordable SEO agency. The agencies, conversely, lose interest in many potential customers. Both are regrettable.

What can a good SEO agency do?

With a myth that is cultivated on both sides of the “shop counter”, tidy: One of the SEO wizard who knows the Google algorithm and thus knows what lever must be pressed to promote each site to rank # 1.

The fact is that every search engine optimiser, no matter if freelancer or agency with good wire “to the very top”, handles a foreign matter. Google regularly adjusts its algorithm and does not look at it. An expert in search engine optimization must therefore always be up to date . What is a positive ranking factor today can be a negative tomorrow and vice versa.

The power of an SEO Cheap SEO Services provider is then to transfer the knowledge that he gains through studies and tests to the websites of customers. This can lead to better rankings and more visitors, and potentially more conversions.

Important: Clients and Cheap SEO Services providers should record such goals as detailed as possible in writing during their term contracts. Both sides then have the best prerequisites for success control and proof of performance. Also, the question “what it has gebacht” can be easily answered.

How do SEO agencies get their prices?

In summer 2015 iBusiness published a study on the average fees for Cheap SEO Services. The study was overwritten with the polemical title: ” So much may demand your SEO agency maximum “. What followed were lively discussions with some criticism from the SEO scene. In essence, this criticism was also understandable, because: How do price specifications fit into a deregulated market in which different providers compete for a limited number of customers?

As I highlighted in the previous paragraph, SEO agencies sell their customers better rankings and more visitors. In order to stay competitive, they have to check again and again, with which techniques and above all with which effort they can guarantee that.

These estimated expenses multiplied by the hourly rates of the respective providers then result in (usually monthly) flat rates. Incidentally, according to the iBusiness study, the average hourly rate of an SEO agency is around 90 euros.

The fact that a Cheap SEO Services for a one-off 100 euros under these conditions is not possible, should be clear by now. However, it is questionable whether it is really always the 12-month contracts must be that bring a customer quickly times five-digit spending a year. After all, testing is also important in SEO and it is difficult to map this flatly in a rigid package with consistent performance.