If you are looking for a treatment for impotence, those who regularly give ED patients include Viagra, Cialis and Elida. By inhibiting type 5 phosphodiesterase, each of these drugs causes relaxation and filling of the penile blood during sexual stimulation. It is not only long-term erection, but also difficult, it is equally important. On the other hand, male enhancement products have not been proven to fight ED.


Yangshuo first and most popular remedy. Common side effects include, but are not limited to, headache, redness of the skin, indigestion and changes. Each pill costs about $11. According to its official website, it will last up to 4 hours.


In fact, like Viagra. The same side effects and the same cost.


Yes, it is sold under the name of Cialis “36 hours”, but in fact, its effect will last for about 17 hours. Still, compared to Viagra and Levitra, it still takes 17 hours, each lasting about 4 hours. Like Viagra, common side effects include headache, indigestion, redness or redness of the skin, muscle aches and stuffy nose. You can get Cialis at the same cost as Viagra and Levitra.

Which kind of helpless remedy is best? All have the same price or similar price, almost the same effect (all work in 7 out of about 10 men) and have the same side effects. Viagra has the highest brand recognition and is the most reliable of the three. We know that Levitra works faster and Cialis has a longer life. Therefore, each of these benefits has its own benefits, so you must make your own decisions.

Other impotence remedies

Is there a drug for treating male impotence, which is not the three products mentioned above? Of course, alprostadil can be injected into the penis or given in capsule form, melting at the tip of the penis. It can only be used for about an hour, but it works very fast and the success rate of ED patients is very high. There are many side effects when using alprostadil, and you should always consult your doctor before use. Hormone replacement therapy is suitable for men with low testosterone levels and is an effective treatment. You can also check the penis pump despite their stupid nature.

How to treat impotence through surgery: surgery for impotence?

A penile prosthesis or penile implant involves implanting an inflatable tissue into the penis. It has a very high level of satisfaction and should only be done if you have exhausted all other options, including temporary medications and lifestyle changes. Revascularization surgery is also an option, although it is usually reserved for men who experience trauma to the penis area.

Natural treatment for impotence: impotence treatment without prescription

In addition to these three drugs, is there a way to naturally cure impotence? Sometimes all you have to do is exercise, reduce stress and quit smoking. Once you get rid of these three factors, you won’t have to rely on temporary medications to treat impotence, because you won’t have DE! Yes, each of these three factors is difficult to maintain, but once you understand, you will not take care of your SU, but you will live a better life! Psychologically powerless remedies focus on eliminating stress in life. So read how to relax more and reduce stress during the process.

Yangshuo has many herbs and advertises online. These “natural remedies for male impotence” claim that they work, and the three FDA drugs mentioned above are only a small part of the cost. Please consult your doctor before using any of these natural pills. You don’t want to pay anything like useless and disguised vitamin pills. Although the manufacturers of these herbal pills boast that they don’t have to talk to their doctor about erectile dysfunction (which may be embarrassing for some men), the three drugs mentioned above are cures, albeit temporary, to Yangshuo. Although we know that vitamins, such as vitamin C and zinc, can effectively help ED patients, unlike other treatments, they do not have a reliable record. Herbal treatments for impotence may be effective but may not be effective. Always talk to your doctor.