First of all, every Malaysian citizen should have to know about the UniFi and its packages before them going to get the internet access for their home or office. The tm unifi is nothing but one of the leading internet service providers in Malaysia and this service is given by the Telekom Malaysia. This company is not only offering the unifi package for home and office internet access but also offer the IPTV and VoIP services. All types of the residential and commercial customers in Malaysia can able to approach this company and get all these kinds of services as per your requirements. All these VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IPTV and internet access services are usually given through an optical fiber core network.

For the individual housing units to get internet access or other services, FTTH is used in the core network. When it is the larger buildings with several floors, then VDSL2 will only be the most suitable choice to be used in the core network. If you are searching for a right internet access package for your education, project or communication requirements, first of all you should have to look at the unifi package promotion 2018 which will be greatly useful for all your needs. Now days, it is also possible to get all these services from your mobile devices. Whether you are using the Android smart phone/tablet or Apple iphone or ipad, it is always better approaching the unifi package mobile supported plan which will be greatly enjoyable to provide constant internet access, video or IP television and also the phone service to the users. You should look at the necessary specifications and pick the best mobile base unifi plan for your needs.