Many dogs don’t want to play with strange dogs, this is the dog’s normal behavior. You must consider who this desire is, are they your dog or your dog? Many dogs are not suitable for dog parks and dog walking Chelsea. One of the most frequently mentioned problems is that irresponsible dog owners bring bad dogs in dog parks.

Aggressive dogs can cause fights with bites and dogs while dog walking Chelsea. Dogs are too aggressive, too confident, too unruly, hate, dogs and social puppies do not belong to dog parks. Some people may have genetic defects, social defects, and cannot read another signal. They may also be in trouble. Puppy farms, pets, and online dogs may not learn to read dogs correctly. Dogs and people have poor communication skills; especially puppies and puppies may be inexperienced communicators, leading to misunderstandings.

Puppies and terrible dogs can also be dangerous because they can fight or bite because of fear. In addition, dogs who have a relationship with the owner like to interact with them rather than playing with unknown dogs. Who told us that we must do this for our dog? Why do people expect their animals to interact with other dogs? This is not the way the dog lives. Dogs are scavengers, they only find out in the repaired place, they eat on the street, in the backyard, in the landfill, and then they go alone or with other dogs. They do not form a package as the old literature suggests.

All of our ideas for them are inspired by other species studies. Are we learning Zebra to understand horses? The outdated dog hypothesis prevents us from studying dogs. What is the best model for studying dogs? It is a dog itself, but this is another article. There is no doubt that guilt plays a role here, calling them play with other dogs. Our lifestyle has become more complicated, which means our pets mean more to us. So, is there any better way to compensate them, instead of giving them the opportunity to play with their class and become their inner dog? This of course comes from the man’s point of view, not the dog.

Why do people think that all dogs want to play with other dogs? This is another human hypothesis. In fact, canines are scavengers, usually more lonely, preferring people like other canines. The scavenger does not want or need other dogs to compete for limited resources. Domesticated canes have made dogs a human partner. Your dog should focus on you, enjoy, and play with you. You must be the most valuable and interesting friend, not the strangest dog.

Humans have spent more than 10,000 years cultivating canines for 40,000 or 90,000 years. Therefore, they prefer humans to enter the canine society. Do we really want to encourage pets to play dog ​​rules rather than human rules, and ask them more in their friendly interactions with us?

Many dogs have little desire to interact with their own species. This does not mean that these dogs are hostile to other dogs; they are simply not interested. Unfortunately, people mistakenly think that there is nothing wrong with these dogs and they continue to bring them to play groups or other activities, and several dogs “fixed”. People who realize that this is a very normal behavior find these dogs to be good companions. I like and appreciate the fact that my dog ​​likes to play with me instead of playing with a strange dog. I have dogs interacting with them, playing with them, sharing life with them and becoming my companions. I don’t want to be treated as another dog. I hope to be everything for my dog ​​and vice versa.

More importantly, I want you to want to be with me, because I am very interesting, I can throw a bad Frisbee, I can pull, I can open the can, open the door, give love, provide a structure, they are exact I know my training expectations for them and they feel safe. Many people bring their pets to parks or dog farms because their dogs have behavioral problems and they want to magically solve them. Remember, if your dog feels uncomfortable and feels forced to be on defense, he will put him in that position. Whenever your dog feels that he needs to do something, he will refine his strategy by repeating this behavior many times. If you continue to practice this behavior, it will exacerbate and become aggressive.

You should not put it in a defensive position. Part of your job as a leader is to protect your dog. Your dog doesn’t have to learn to politely, succeed or not learn other dogs at all. This is not what the dog wants. Finally, don’t forget why your dog needs this type of activity. If your dog is performing well and is healthy, he may be happy to spend time with you instead of other dogs. This is not why we call them pet dogs, partners to become human partners rather than other dogs. Although your dog ignores other dogs, you don’t need to go to another dog and satisfy a polished or fun way to become a good dog citizen.

The best relationship between human dogs is created through an experience of active interaction with you. Our dog has no reason to run to the canine. Of course, when they are thrown into a dog’s environment, they must learn to protect themselves, if they don’t want other dogs to harass them, they are ruthlessly hardened. However, there are real risks of these mobs due to aggressive problems, because you are now putting your shy dog ​​in a defensive position. The most fierce dog will win and intimidate shy dogs. The end result is that experience will strengthen the problem of each dog rather than reduce them. When we add these dogs to all those owners who seek out the closed area of ​​the dog, because their dogs don’t respond at their request, does he look like a place where the dog is good to learn?

Does this mean that you can’t participate in dog activities because you like other people who like dogs? Not at all. But be sure to choose the activity that meets your dog’s needs, not just yours. If dogs of all ages have behavioral problems such as shyness, timidity, separation anxiety or aggression, those who discuss these issues know the behavior of both animals and participate in the group activities of human animal bond dogs before. All dogs can’t play in the dog park. Dog Park has some dog use, does it meet your dog’s needs? think carefully. My suggestion is the old adage of “buyer attention.” In this way, dogs are not placed in activities and environments that exacerbate problems rather than improve them.