During the last 3 decades, the game of poker has undergone many changes. If it has become a real game of skill, poker has not always been such a “quick” entertainment. Here are the main slices of life known by our favorite game.

From the Poque to 52 cards

At first, the first card games associated with chips were spotted around the year 1800. The French colonies of America were the ambassadors in their time. Already, at the time, each player had 5 cards before discovering the river. 

Subsequently, 52-card games made their appearance to revolutionize poker forever. During the American Civil War, the wait was often long between 2 fights (sic), the soldiers then devoted a lot to card games. Over the 20 th century, the rules will change little and poker will become very popular in the United States. In 1925 the 1 st game of Texas Hold’em will emerge.

The WSP was created in the 70s

To materialize this popularity, the authorities of the time then created the World Series of Poker (918kiss)  during the 70s. This step marked the professionalization of what was only a game. Until the end of the 90s, poker will remain a North American practice, even if some stars will come from different other countries. That’s when Patrick Bruel imported this game with the success we know him . 

The rules themselves have not changed much, but the practices yes. With the advent of the internet and tournaments around the world, players wanted more speed, more excitement. This is why for fifteen years, the Cash Game has quickly established itself among the general public. The game is simple, lively and full of adrenaline, online as hard, players want movement.

Internet and online poker

To this day, even if poker clubs exist, everything happens online . Pharaonic tournaments qualifying for the key stages of WSP or EFA, you have to be online to participate. 

In view of recent bad numbers in online poker lately, one wonders if a change in the rules would not intervene to revive its appeal.

Quality equipment and friendly bets

Clearly, it is paramount to have quality gaming equipment . As such, it is recommended to have a new deck of cards that is open in front of everyone. In addition to showing paw, it will also achieve a little staging for everyone to be in the poker mood. 

Similarly, take the time to distribute the chips to avoid all forms of cheating. Also be sure to indicate the value of the tokens as many times as necessary. Small detail that is important: place seats adapted to the table and install a game mat for comfort. Often, there are 3 types of chair and a carpet look, which takes some pleasure out of the game. 

Regarding bets, money is and will always be the worst enemy of a friendship . In such a context(918kiss ), be careful not to accept that astronomical sums are wagered. Otherwise, the pension will be palpable and the game “between friends” will lose all meaning. Even against a “friend”, you will not want to lose several hundred euros. The importance of the Cellars is therefore paramount (as are the reminders).

Payment of places

In the same vein, it is very important to define before the start of the game, and clearly, the payment of seats. That is to say who earns money and in what proportion. For example, in a 6-player game, the top 2 players are paid; if it is a 10-player game, the first 3 places are paid . So, no story at the end of the game. 

In short, the respect is put and do not forget that it is the parties of poker between friends which will make you progress the most