We’ve seen headlines: The Hulk and Superman, the Hulk vs. Wolverine, the Hulk, and, ultimately, the Hulk and other superheroes. A classic that stimulates our imagination. Who is the strongest? Who is the best fighter? Who will win

Time and time again, Hulk proved that he is not just a competitor of most, if not all, superheroes. But how to fight against the gods? Fortunately for us, there are two gods in the Marvel comic world, one is Olympus and the other is Asgard. They walk into mortals and sometimes fight the Hulk. Let’s take a look at some of the conflicts between Marvel’s powers:


Thor, the war of Northern Europe and Raytheon, is a popular immortal in the Marvel universe. His father, King Oscar of Asgar, was banned from learning humility on Earth, and Thor with his Mjolnir was trapped in a fragile man, Donald Black, who relied on a cane. Only when Donald Blakeon defeated his staff to summon Raytheon, the power of Raytheon will be released.

The conflict between Thor and the Hulk is exciting. Fans even look forward to the struggle between the two on the big screen. Some hot topics include the following:

* AVENGERS#3. When Thor with his Mjolnir and the Avengers tried to contain the Hulk, the Hulk and Thor first fought for the third time in the Avengers. The submarine joined the battle and fought against the most powerful superhero on Earth. In one of the battles, Hulk and Sub-Mariner defeated Thor and overthrew him. Before his Hulk identity was revealed, Hulk became Banner again and escaped. The rest of the Avengers appeared to join the submarine, who retired to fight on another day.

* THOR#385. One of the most interesting battles between the Hulk and Thor. In THOR No. 385, Hulk challenged Thor and did not use the hammer Mjollnir to fight. After Hulk hijacked the hostage, Thor reluctantly agreed. He took off the hammer and began to fight the Hulk. At first, Thor was considering fleeing until Hulk’s anger disappeared and Banner reappeared, so no one was injured. But pride caught him. He continued to fight with the Hulk, destroyed buildings, raged on the street, risking his life, including a bus full of schoolchildren. Thor showed God’s invincibility because he refused to fall after he got some hits from the Hulk. The Hulk even beat him with a train. In the end, Hulk realized that it was useless to continue fighting, because his anger began to decrease and he jumped. Thor is alone, but he wants more.

* HULK 2001 Annual Report. To avoid harming the innocent, Thor with Mjolnir moves with the Hulk to another side to fight. In the first battle he arrived, Thor was thrown into the mountains by the Hulk, and the rock collapsed and buried him. The Hulk jumped up to discover the new world. But at the same time, he managed to cause serious damage to his wild aborigines. It was a mistake to decide to bring the Hulk into the new world, and Thor found him and made him lightning. When traveling between these dimensions, Hulk managed to re-convert to Bruce Banner. But before Thor left him in a safe military facility, Banner had turned back to the Hulk who lamented Thor. When Hulk left, he didn’t know that Thor was still alive.

Other news reports touched on the conflict between the two power giants. It is important to remember that Stan Lee himself hopes that the savage power of the Hulk is at least not offset by humans but by the gods. But is the power of the Hulk limited? Remember, as you get more angry, it will become stronger.