Marks & Spencer replaces call center employees 100 with manual chat robot intelligence designed to quickly handle customer complaints. AI based chat bots would seek to answer customer queries by using speech analytics and NLP for effective translation using ai call center software.

After the recent announcement of the distribution industry’s colleges, Marks and Spencer will immediately replace 100 call center employees with chat bots to more effectively respond to customer complaints. effective

The company is said to use Twilio and Google software providers to respond to queries and route calls faster. Previously, the human operator was moving the caller to the appropriate service, but Twilio said the new technology correctly identified 90% of the requests and could complete the call in seconds using ai call center software.

The new technology will be available at 640 M&S stores in the UK and 13 call centers in the UK at the end of September. According to the company, 100 jobs were lost and 100 displaced employees will now be reassigned to customer roles in the store. Jobs won’t be so good. Of course, they seem.

Chris McGrath, IT project manager at M&S, said: “We know that M&S ​​needs modernization.

“Twilio’s flexible cloud communications platform enables Marks & Spencer to prove that he is a startup when running a business.

“We were able to create a prototype solution in just four weeks and test it on the busiest days of the year.” The new solution enabled Marks & Spencer to improve his ability to engage in more conversations. It also helps us redistribute the valuable time of our employees, and we can’t wait to see where the platform is when we continue to deploy to our contact center. ”

Communicate with customers in the digital age

Prior to implementing the new chatbot solution, Marks & Spencer’s infrastructure was based on a combination of traditional phone systems that would no longer support their digital strategy. As a result, M&S is unable to centralize customer information or seamlessly connect to stores across the country.

After a successful trial with Twilio, Marks & Spencer worked with DVELP to implement a natural language intelligent routing solution nationwide and can:

Handle more than one million calls per month.

Record the customer’s presentation as text. By leveraging Twilio’s speech recognition tools, Marks & Spencer can analyze customer voices in real time.

Determining the caller’s intent: Through integration with Google DialogFlow, Marks&Spencer can retrieve the transcribed text and determine the reason for the customer’s call.

Routing Calls: The IVR system uses the caller’s intent to direct the call to the appropriate contact center service, store or agent to resolve the customer’s request.

“Today, consumers want companies to have a good customer experience, so communications are becoming more and more important,” said Rob Brazier, director of product management at Twilio.

“We are pleased to work with such an iconic retailer to change its communications to provide the best experience for 32 million customers worldwide.”

Death of Call center?

According to a survey conducted by Juniper Research in 2017, by 2020, the number of virtual assistants for customers such as chatbots will increase by 1000% with advent of ai call center software. However, 75% of consumers surveyed believe that chat robots are not effective in dealing with customers. Complaints are more complicated and always like to talk to people

Gartner predicts that 85% of all customer service interactions in 2020 will be handled by chatbots instead of manuals. Another poll found that 80% of call center queries involve the same 20 questions, highlighting the following: Call center industry is about to break And the M&S movement may be a sign of the future.