If you buy a swing tower fan for your home or office, you can choose. According to our simple guide, you should be able to find the guide that works best for you. This is not a very complex set of options, but there are many models to choose from, and it is a good idea to define your needs and budget before you start looking. The most expensive models feature timer functions, remote controls, breeze mode and even ionizers. However, these features are priced and are not required in all cases.

For larger spaces, you may want to consider using a vertical or floor fan as an alternative to a tower fan (tower fan vs stand fan). Adjustable brackets on these types of products allow you to increase the height of the fan and blow air into a wider area of ​​the room. Use a vertical fan with a fairly correct head size, such as 16 inches, which is one of the most common household fan sizes, and you can get good coverage in large rooms or office spaces, but with smaller space, swing The tower’s fan will go smoothly

Compared with standing fans, one point that emphasizes fans is that they take up less space and are often very fashionable. So if you have less space in your home or office, the charming tower fan is very convenient and looks great. In fact, there is a smaller version called the Mini Tower Fan that can be easily placed on a table or table.

Then, once you’ve determined that the tower fan fits the space you need to cool, you need to determine if you really need one of the more advanced features. For example, the most expensive model in the Bionaire Tower Fan series has features such as a remote control. This is self-evident, but of course it will increase the cost of the fan. Do you need this feature? Another advanced feature is the Breeze mode. In Bionaire’s fans, this mode will attempt to create a natural breeze by replacing the fan between different speed settings in a single cycle. This is a nice feature, but again, you probably don’t need it.

More expensive units are also often more “cool”. They can be made with chrome or silver finishes instead of more “economical” units, making them look more economical. This is another issue to consider. If you only want basic cooling in your office or small workshop, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of the device. A more economical tower crane is good for you.

However, if you need something that suits your living room or bedroom, you may want to spend more on a tower fan and use some of the more advanced features. The timer function is very useful for the bedroom because it allows the fan to turn off while sleeping and automatically turn on in the morning. Most models have this, but this feature is more complicated in high-end products.

Therefore, to end this quick guide, you must first consider the size of the room and then determine if it is important to see the appearance of the fan and finally consider whether you need more advanced features. The price of a high-end oscillating tower fan (tower fan vs stand fan) is at least twice the price of the basic component, so it’s worth taking a moment to make a choice. Of course, all of these products will provide you with the basics of speed and oscillation control, which may be what you need.