Around the new sky of the Bitcoin network, the cash of Bitcoin ABC (Claim Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork) reached a milestone through the transfer of 4,000 nodes.

1ML is reflected in the second round of continuous growth, and the network of Bitcoin deployments makes children and income almost instantaneous.

And in this article, when the node is in the sky 4,036 network nodes, its status is 2912. The network currently has 123 BTCS ($772,000) capabilities. The node with most of its advantages is the 15 BTC capacity.

What is the pin of the network? The presentation makes it easy to explain how it works.

Yes, in fact, the current transaction is going on, the Bitcoin network is slow and costly, and it is. However, the article pointed out that the network shot next year may lead to solving these problems. But what is the pin of the network? In this article, we will briefly describe how it works. This article is a translation of CoinTelegraph. Click here to visit it.

1. What is the problem?

Slow blockchain: So, it is very expensive. If a person is sent and received by Bitcoin, he becomes a problem after a few hours. With such restrictions, it is necessary that they should not be in blockchains? In this sense, the difficult idea to overcome the understanding of what I can do later. Network ray (Claim Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork) is one of them. However, the solution must understand that we need to address the issue of pure wisdom, which is a problem.

2. What blockchain is so slow on the network?

The blockchain imagines a record.

This record contains multiple pages (blocks). According to the written page of the transaction. The first thing that comes up is that there is more space on the page to introduce new events that are added to a transaction log before you start a new page.

The cover (a piece) cannot be added to the registry (blockchain), the treatment should be like this, and the participants from the network are from which is obvious on this page. This process takes about 10 minutes for each block (about Bitcoin Blockchain).

It has, among other things, information about the recipient, the amount, the transaction fee, and the beneficiary.

3. Wait a few minutes for the transaction fee?

So there are plans, it can be an extra charge for the transaction charger. They are babies, under the element of opportunity, encourage him, I will be in the finances, then take you to lead them in the block as soon as possible. For those who want to define it to speed up the process, there is no price. For the transaction to be processed, the fee is paid more and faster. Sometimes, wait for some transactions to be recorded on the page (Claim Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork). Mineros – In other words, due to the need for the Blockchain network device – and the transaction must be available between the decision and added to the current block. Sacrifice the knowledge of things, which gives us a great return to look up to him.

For this reason, as before, at the top of the parade with quota trading. So, you can do this, but if many soldiers are superior enough, depending on the new element of the flaw, these elements waiting in the queue will be your business. If the wait time for a variable is short, it can sometimes last for hours to days. But the rules are meant to reach an agreement, pay, and therefore more offers to achieve, and faster deals, because we can be the best.