Many poker qq players, even professionals, may be enthusiastic about their online funding because they have lost two weeks or months of winning online poker opportunities in two bad poker meetings. The most important reason is that to be successful in online poker games (qq), you need to be more disciplined and controlled than live poker. Because the player has more experience, the game is very fast, and you can’t see anyone when you are deep inside.

This article highlights some of the golden rules of basic management that will definitely help you improve your online poker game.

1. Play games within your funding limit

If you really want to make money online, always play within your funds. In online poker (qq), you play against everyone. If you have limited funds for your opponent’s large sum of money, if poker is a zero-sum game, then you will have no money. Fortunately, if you are a winning player, you can expect a positive return on investment. However, your account must have sufficient funds to make changes and variations irrelevant.

Your money is limited, but it must be big enough to look great. Therefore, follow the golden rule, that is, only one table at a time, your funds are less than 5%. If you really want to be good, please reduce this number to 1% or 2%. Most winning and experienced players will play 10 times the money. If you never have to worry about going bankrupt in a particular game, then the change won’t happen.

2. Do not control your balance

If you are still playing within the funding limit, you don’t have to worry about bankruptcy. Play chips, not money. Therefore, you should not worry about the money in online poker games because it doesn’t matter. However, you can easily view your bank account balance online with a single click, but you can force it to enter the micro-admin account’s trap. During this time, you are rolling, every time you control your balance, you feel good. As your balance increases, your mind will increase. But a bad move will lower your balance and you will feel bad. Now, he wants to take back all the lost money immediately, and once he thinks about it, he will start to “continue his loss.” You force your game to return to the lead, which is the first step in your complete self-destruction. Especially in poker, making money is like “always winning the game” and losing money, which is a rapid decline.

So, if you look at your scale, you will fall into the “lost week” depression or “you need a week to recover what you lost in an hour.”

The best way to recover quickly is to increase the limit and find good grades.

3. Pay attention to your game

When you play real money games, every session, every pot and every decision is important, and even a little negligence can be very expensive. The more you lose your negligence, the harder it is to create profits and avoid failure.

Limit distractions: As its name implies, a little attention can distract you from the game and shift it to other areas. When you start playing poker (qq) without focusing on your game, you will definitely make a lot of mistakes. All players are different. Some players can also play while watching a movie, if not better. Other players want to close everything to stay focused on the game. You must honestly measure your multitasking abilities and be prepared to play in the best poker environments.

Don’t play games without boring: You play poker because you like to play games, or because this is your lifestyle. But playing poker when you are bored will force you to play poker for your personal entertainment. Sometimes poker is not very interesting at all. If you are just because you are bored and have boring training, you may make incorrect actions to stimulate the action. If you are bored and don’t want to play, then it’s best not to play poker.

4. Take care of your human needs

You are finally a human. Everyone needs regular maintenance and care to stay healthy. Then, when you feel uncomfortable, you won’t play the best poker game.

Always consider the following in your online poker game:

Hunger: When you are not eating or starving, you can’t think as quickly or skillfully. In addition, hunger is another distraction to avoid considering poker (dominoqq online).

Comfort: When you feel uncomfortable, you will be distracted. So, take a good chair, a good monitor, as comfortable as possible. You can also search for other tips on the Internet.

Tired: When you are tired, you can’t play the best part of your game. If you don’t play the best game, you will eventually fail. Therefore, regardless of the quality of the game, when you are tired, it is best to go to bed.

Mental Distraction: If something of yours creates tension in your mind, you can’t play the best game. It’s best not to play poker before you feel normal. Drugs and alcohol are another kind of mental damage. It’s one thing to drink a beer or two during the game, but when you drink too much and don’t pay much attention to your game, you can’t win in any situation. No matter what you think, when you are intoxicated, you can’t play the best game.

5. Don’t play when you feel tilted. Tilting direction:

Tilt is the world’s largest destroyer. When a player makes his emotions blur his judgment on poker, it is called “”. Usually, when a player suffers from bad actions or a series of failures, he will “squat”. So if you have the will, it’s best to stop the game and participate in other activities. When you feel better, go back to the game and play your best game.