Food advertising to eliminate your appetite. An advertisement asking what your product is and how to avoid it. Whether it’s billboards, TV commercials or magazine ads, we all see bad ads, we want to know, “What is the idea of ​​this company? Yes, the disaster in graphic design (graphic design macarthur) is coming again!

That’s true; nothing can lead to bad publicity or wasting your marketing money faster than a graphic design disaster. From big companies to small businesses, they all made a graphic design mistake. Big companies, however, mostly spend on advertising, so a lot of changes, a large company in the Super Bowl advertising efficiency is low, the operation does not harm the profit, unlike advertising errors. For a small business.

If you have never worked with a team of graphic designers, or if you have had an unpleasant experience in the past (a horror story that I have heard of a small company being ignored or abused by a big design company), the world of graphics looks mysterious and complex. It’s even a bit confusing. Professional logos or graphic stores are experienced in implementing your ideas and understanding every step of the graphic design process. I am here to smash these mysteries, answer common questions and make sure your small business gets the most out of your advertising investment. Read on to learn more about the “seven sins” of graphic design and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Graphics don’t matter.

I feel dissent. The goal of each marketing plan is to clearly communicate your message. Good design is the foundation of this communication. Excellent design visualization implements your marketing strategy Mean design will not do this. Good design establishes the legitimacy of your brand; my design is not good. Even the most creative and innovative marketing ideas are not enough if the design is not implemented correctly. Whether it’s promotions, promotional products or brand definitions, graphic design (graphic design macarthur) has clear business goals and specific goals to achieve.

Basically, a good graphic design (graphic design macarthur) should:

(1) improve your image and strengthen the brand;

(2) make your business stand out from the competition,

(3) have a strong emotional appeal and persuasively sell your information to customers .

The best design stimulates the mood and subconscious reaction of the audience. All of this adds one thing: a better small business.

Cheap designers are just as good as expensive designers.

You have the price you paid. This old saying is especially true in graphic design (graphic design macarthur). Think of graphic design as a cost, not as an investment in the future of your business. Do you want to hire a neighbor next door to pay business tax? Unless you are a chartered accountant, the answer may be no. The same is true for graphics.

If you are not a graphic designer, don’t try to create your own logo or hire a friend who has no design experience. Leave the logo and marketing materials to the professional design team. There is a very thin dividing line between getting the biggest profit and economic profit. When you choose to promote your small business, whether you use a vehicle envelope or a punch card, your goal is to reduce costs, not to reduce quality. From color disasters to font fiasco, don’t use your logo in low-level designs. Regardless of your graphic needs, avoid brand disasters and access professionals.

Learning jargon is a waste of time.

In fact, learning some basic design terms can help you understand the process and get the most out of your investment. From vector images to pre-flight approval, the terminology of graphic design (graphic design jobs) is unique and I know it can be a bit confusing for people who don’t understand it. When we started working on the design field, we didn’t know all the good terms! Below, I’ve listed some common terms that can help you better understand the design process and ensure the best end product.

Vector image: A vector image is an image composed of basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, lines, circles, ellipses, and polygons. Since vector images are created from shapes, it does not use pixels. As a result, the same high quality resolution is maintained when the image is enlarged. Vector images are important because they allow easy operation during the design process. If you have a logo or image, be sure to provide us with a file in vector format. We can also convert some graphic files into a vector format, even if it is a paid service.


Various colors: If you have already printed a logo or other advertising guarantee, you can match the color of the existing material to the vehicle’s packaging or window label. To ensure accurate color matching, please sample yourself. Since the color may vary from computer to computer depending on the display, the only way to ensure accurate color matching is to view the sample yourself. Learn the importance of matching colors to your brand and make sure you do it the first time.

Before the flight: When the drawing is in the final stage before printing, it is in the “pre-flight” state. This means that the production team will perform a final check before printing to confirm that the colors and sizes are correct. Once the image passes the preflight check, it will not solve any major design problems (otherwise, it will have to restart from the design process).