If I am excited about affiliate marketing, it will be a euphemism. Once I met the niche marketing strategy I will discuss in this article, I am about to get a good monthly income as an affiliate marketer.

What niche marketing strategy has helped me get a good monthly income?

Niche review site

Before moving on to this particular affiliate marketing strategy, I would say that as an affiliate marketer there must be more than one way to make money. My niche marketing strategy is just a strategy that suits me.

My attitude towards the Alliance Review website

There are many ways to build an affiliate review site. In the past 1.5 years, I have been perfecting my affiliate marketing strategy approach to a more or less functional system.

Step 1: Select a Niche review site template

Before compiling, you must plan a federated review site. There are several types of models or strategies for affiliate review sites.

Step 2: Select a product or product line

In fact, if your review site has a product or product line, you can perform step 2 before step 1. It is important to choose the right product or product range for you.

If you choose a site review strategy for multiple products, be sure to consider the products you want to promote. For example, if the goal of your niche marketing strategy is to promote physical products, you can find digital products that are relevant to your niche market. Typically, you can promote “digital” products and/or Niche sites to those who purchase the physical products you provide.

Step 3: Choose a domain name

There are two ways to select a domain name for an affiliate site review site:

  • By keyword
  • Qualified branding
  • Hybrid

I used two domain policies and both worked. For purely magazine websites, I use domain names with keywords. For example, if you check the washing machine, choose something like “WashingMachineReviews.com”. I suspect that a particular area is available, but you understand the idea.


You can choose brands and keywords by adding a result brand title to your domain name, such as “DebbiesWashingMachineReviews.com”.

Step 4: Choose a website platform

I like WordPress and you might prefer Joomla, Drupal or online website builders.

You can also use themes designed specifically for review sites.

Although it is not impossible to change the platform and/or theme after building a website, it is a good job. Therefore, please choose carefully to avoid modernizing your website after you build it.

Step 5: Plan, write and publish your first post

When I started using my first pure magazine website, I immediately added a lot of comments. It works, but for new projects, I have taken a more patient approach. I first added an informational article and then added my comment in about a month. Purely informative articles have no links. Once I add a comment, I will link to the comment (and other data pages) of the news article.

Step 6: Add Funds Page – Comments and Other Funding Pages

These comments are great for pre-sales, but they are not the only way to prevent them as affiliates. Once you’ve published a series of reliable reviews, you can add more pre-sales pages for your keywords to drive more sales.

For example, a large page generates a chart by comparing a subset of the products in its product line. Consumers want to quickly compare the characteristics of a particular product group (ie model). An example is a washer that is under $500.